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Newberg Transfer Station

Newberg Oregon Dump Hours: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking for the dump hours in Newberg, Oregon? Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or business owner, knowing the hours of operation for your local dump is essential for proper waste disposal. This article will provide you with all the information you need about the Newberg Transfer Station, including its hours, fees, and accepted materials.

Newberg Transfer Station Hours

The Newberg Transfer Station is open to the public Monday through Saturday. The hours of operation are as follows:

  • Regular Hours: Monday – Saturday, 8 am – 5 pm
  • Summer Hours: Monday – Saturday, 7 am – 5 pm (Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend)

Please note: The transfer station has a hard close at 5 pm. Customers who are not already in line on WM property by 5 pm will not be accepted.

Newberg Transfer Station Fees

The Newberg Transfer Station charges fees for certain types of waste, including:

  • Household Garbage: $23.10 per cubic yard
  • Construction Debris: $33.30 per cubic yard
  • Heavy Loads: $45.20 per cubic yard
  • Household Yard Debris: $23.10 per cubic yard
  • Tires:
    • Motorcycle Tires: $1.00 off rim, $2.00 on rim
    • Passenger Tires: $4.60 off rim, $6.80 on rim
    • Truck Tires: $12.40 off rim, $24.10 on rim
    • Heavy Equipment / Tractor Tires: $56.60 off rim (minimum)
  • Appliances:
    • Appliances with Freon/Coolent: $49.50 each
    • Appliances with Motor: $11.20 each
    • Appliances without Motor: No charge
  • Document Shredding: $9.90 per bag
  • Fluorescent Light Tubes: $1.80 for 4ft and under, $3.50 for over 4ft
  • Propane Tank: $5.30 for 5lbs and under, $9.90 for over 5lbs
  • NSF Fee: $35.00

Newberg Transfer Station Accepted Materials

The Newberg Transfer Station accepts a wide range of materials, including:

  • Household Garbage
  • Construction Debris
  • Heavy Loads
  • Household Yard Debris
  • Tires
  • Appliances
  • Document Shredding
  • Fluorescent Light Tubes
  • Propane Tanks
  • Mixed Recyclables
  • Glass Bottles and Jars
  • Automotive Batteries
  • Motor Oil (up to 7 gallons)

Newberg Transfer Station Unaccepted Materials

The Newberg Transfer Station does not accept the following materials:

  • Hazardous waste
  • Sewage or Sludge
  • Liquid / Paint
  • Antifreeze
  • Dead animals
  • Asbestos
  • Layered / Built Up Roofing
  • Explosives / Ammo
  • Anything Labeled Danger, Hazardous, Harmful, etc.

Electronics Recycling

All computers, TVs, laptops, and monitors are banned from disposal as garbage in Oregon. The Newberg Transfer Station offers free recycling for these items.

Sharps Containers

Sharps containers are available for purchase at the Newberg Transfer Station. Two sizes are available:

  • 1 gallon – $16.95
  • 2 gallon – $33.30

The cost includes the container and disposal. When the sharps container is full, please return it to the scale house for proper disposal.

Paint Recycling

Paint is not accepted at the Newberg Transfer Station. For recycling locations and additional information, visit

Other Recyclables

For recycling options for materials not accepted at the transfer station, visit

Hazardous Waste

Yamhill County Solid Waste sponsors two FREE Hazardous Household Waste (HHW) Collection Events each year to residents of Yamhill County. They are held in Newberg in the spring and McMinnville in the fall. Pre-registration is required for all events.

For more information on household hazardous waste and these events, please visit the Yamhill County Solid Waste website:

For information on disposing of Commercial Hazardous Waste, please call Yamhill County Solid Waste at 503-434-7516.


The Newberg Transfer Station is a valuable resource for residents and businesses in Newberg, Oregon. By following the information provided in this article, you can ensure that you are disposing of your waste properly and responsibly.

Hours: Closed ⋅ Opens 8 AM Tue

Newberg Transfer Station & Recycling Center

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