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Hours & Locations ; Recycling & Solid Waste – Transfer Station. 15 Seagull Drive Gray, ME 04039. Mon, Tue, Holidays: Closed Wed-Fri: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Sat-Sun: 7

Hours & Locations

The Gray Transfer Station in Gray, ME is a facility where residents can dispose of various types of waste. While I couldn’t find specific information about the operating hours of the Gray Transfer Station, it is typically open during regular operating hours. It is recommended to contact the Town Offices or the transfer station directly to inquire about their hours of operation [2].

The Gray Transfer Station accepts a wide range of items for disposal, including typical household waste, construction/demolition materials, furniture, yard waste, appliances, and more [2]. However, please note that disposal fees may apply for certain items.

In addition to the Gray Transfer Station, Gray residents also have the option of utilizing limited curbside waste pick-up services provided by private contractors [2]. A full listing of licensed refuse haulers can be found on the town’s website.

Recycling is mandatory in Gray, and the town maintains an above-average recycling rate compared to other Maine communities [2]. Gray residents can separate and recycle various household items, which are baled onsite and marketed throughout the country and the world.

The Gray Transfer Station also accepts specific items for recycling at no charge, such as metal items, concrete and brick, computers and other electronics, televisions, propane tanks, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and more [2]. They also accept used motor oil, anti-freeze, cooking oil, and waste architectural paint [2].

For the disposal of construction and demolition debris, fees may apply for items such as wood waste, asphalt shingles, gypsum and plaster, vinyl siding, wire fencing, windows and doors, and toilets and sinks [2]. Brush and tree parts are accepted for a nominal fee, and leaves, grass, and garden waste can be disposed of for a fee and composted onsite [2].

The Gray Transfer Station also provides a household hazardous waste collection to its residents annually at no additional charge, pending budget approval [2]. This collection typically takes place the last Saturday prior to the Labor Day weekend.

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The Transfer Station / Recycling Center is available for use by Gray residents only. hours. Disposal fees may apply. Private contractors also provide limited

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