Kapaa Quarry Dump Hours

Oct 17, 2022 — BUSINESSES AND RESIDENTS ; Kapaa – KAILUA. 100 Kapaa Quarry Road Phone: 768-4248 · Monday to Friday ; Kawailoa – HALEIWA. 62-180 Kawailoa Road

Waste Drop Off Locations


The Kapaa Quarry Dump, also known as the Kapaa Transfer Station, is a waste transfer facility located in Kailua, Hawaii. It serves as a convenient drop-off point for residents and businesses to dispose of their waste materials. While I couldn’t find the specific hours of operation for the Kapaa Quarry Dump, I can provide you with general information about waste drop-off locations and transfer stations in the area.

Waste Drop-off Locations in Honolulu:

  1. Convenience Centers: The City and County of Honolulu provides six convenience centers where residents can dispose of household rubbish, bulky items, large metal appliances, and green waste [1].
  2. Transfer Stations: There are several transfer stations available for both businesses and residents. These stations accept household trash, bulky items, large appliances, tires, lead acid batteries, non-combustible waste, and green waste [1].
    • Kapaa Transfer Station: Located at 100 Kapaa Quarry Road in Kailua, this transfer station serves both businesses and residents [1]. Unfortunately, the specific hours of operation for this station were not available in the search results.
    • Kawailoa Transfer Station: Situated at 62-180 Kawailoa Road in Haleiwa, this transfer station accepts household trash, bulky items, large metal appliances, tires, lead acid batteries, and green waste [1].
    • Keehi Transfer Station: Found at 606 Middle Street in Honolulu, this transfer station accepts household trash, combustible bulky items, metal/metal containing items, and lead acid batteries [1].

Please note that the hours of operation may vary, and it is recommended to contact the specific transfer station for the most up-to-date information.

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Kapaa Transfer Station is located at 100 Kapaa Quarry Road, Kailua, HI 96734. To contact Kapaa Transfer Station, call (808) 262-2628,

Kapaa Transfer Station


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